The Valley of Gigantic Broken

This wide valley in the northern reaches of the earth realm was once home to an ancient race of towering humanoid giants. Their civilization carved great cities and monuments directly into the living stone of the mountains long before the other modern races emerged.

The giants were inherently connected to the primordial forces of the earth itself. Their masonry skills were seen as a revered magic art, allowing them to sculpt and shape rock and precious minerals with precise telepathic abilities.

The giant frozen as a statue was one of their greatest artisan lords – Aramest the Stonewright. As a young giant, he single-handedly carved out the entire valley as a grand cathedral temple dedicated to the earth goddesses Flora and Gaia.

When the elemental cataclysm struck, the pure tectonic forces unleashed by the unraveling magic overwhelmed even the giants’ stonecrafting powers. Aramest was engulfed while sculpting his masterwork valley temple, instantly transmuted into an eternal stone monument along with parts of the emerging creation around him.

The Valley of Gigantic Broken now stands as a haunting memorial to that ancient civilization’s demise. Aramest’s forever frozen form looms over the overgrown ruins, his expression an eternal despairing scream as the earthen magic that gave his race life also permanently entombed them.