“History is written by those who are left to tell the story.”

Within the swirling celestial maelstrom at the vortex of creation, an emerald world hangs delicately suspended amidst the cosmic tides. This is Tempesta, a realm where grand primal forces wage an eternal dance across its kingdoms and time itself shifts with the ever-turning cycle of seasons.

Here, the fundamental elements of fire, water, air and earth hold sacred dominion over their realms for ages immemorial. But their perpetual struggle for primacy is bound by a celestial rhythm as immutable as the stars themselves.

When the crimson solar eclipse stains the heavens, it is a fiery omen that the world’s flame grows ascendant once more. Smoldering volcanoes rumble to new life as the burning undead legions rise from their ashen crypts. The flame-wrought empires of Cinderhold and Charrine forge their molten empires anew, dreaming of scorching conquest.

Yet their furnace winds fan the clouds of the coming tempest. For as the sandglass turns, the tides of war will inevitably cede to the moon’s blue ascendancy and an age of storm and deluge. Waters drown Tempesta in a torrent of primordial rebirth as the trident-wielding Maralyds emerge from their abyssal oceanic kingdoms.

Only when the winds howl the loudest do the beast lords of the aerial nomad clans take flight and stake their claim on the fading remnants of the prior ages, dominating the storms and setting the stage for the next verdant cycle of earth’s return.

Woven through Tempesta’s eternal dance are the inescapable threads of prophecy, mortal and divine champions destined to rise and fall with each age’s climax. What grand fates and cataclysms await those whose lives burn brilliant but briefly with each turn of the celestial wheel?

The ancient elemental cycle beckons all who are drawn into Tempesta’s wonders and terrors. Let the adventurers of uncommon valor steel their souls and embrace destinies as mutable and eternal as the emerald world itself…